10-13 OCTOBER 2019


Welcome Letter

From the Secretary-General

Esteemed Participants,

My name is Nazlı Senay Özbilge and I have the honour of serving as the Secretary-General of the second annual session of MUNAAL which will be held between 10 – 13 October 2019 in Ankara.

Over the past few months, both academic and organization teams of MUNAAL 2019 have been working indefatigably in an effort to provide all participants with an engaging and stimulating experience of diplomacy. Since we believe that international policies and diplomatic issues are all interconnected and diversity is the key to understand the core of international relations, we set the theme of our conference as “Overarching Diplomacy”.

With the aim of gathering a wide diversity of opinion on global issues, we hope to inspire our participants to improve their understanding of international dialogue and negotiation. Throughout the conference, our participants will be shaping the international policies of the 21st century with an inclusive focus on today’s problems.

This year, we will be hosting 5 different committees with various agenda items. Our one and only General Assembly Committee which is GA: 2 Economic and Financial Committee will be a great start for new delegates wishing to experience the policymaking and representative role of the United Nations. Delegates of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization will reform the principles of inclusive and sustainable industrial development and improve the framework of prosperity among member states with a special focus on 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and SDGs. European Council will tackle the issue of rising radicalism in Europe and strive to eliminate separatist movements while setting the EU’s policy agenda and priorities. North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be simulated as a crisis committee and delegates will form the North Atlantic Council which comes to the forefront as the main political decision-making body of NATO. Throughout the committee, delegates will examine the topics of defence and security, partnership and international dialogue with a focus on NATO – Russia relations. Lastly, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia will be a court simulation specialized for law students and the participants will deal with war crimes that were committed during the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s.

As MUNAAL 2019 Team, we are committed to providing each and every participant with a diverse educational experience and we firmly believe that our excitement and dedication will give you a high-quality experience alongside our optimized academic content.

I welcome you all to the second annual session of MUNAAL 2019 on behalf of the academic and organization teams and sincerely hope that you will join us in Ankara.

Respectfully Yours,

Nazlı Senay Özbilge

Secretary-General of MUNAAL 2019