Gem Pendant Necklace Solar System Starry Sky Necklace

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Product information:
Type: pendant
Color: round snake chain 60cm Green, round snake chain 50cm Green, round snake chain 45cm Green, wax rope 60cm Green, wax rope 50cm Green, wax rope 45cm Green, round snake chain 60cm yellow, round snake chain 50cm yellow, round snake chain 45cm yellow, wax rope 60cm yellow, wax rope 50cm yellow, wax rope 45cm yellow, love round snake chain 60cm, love round snake chain 50cm, love round snake chain 45cm, love wax rope 45cm, love wax rope 60cm, love wax rope 50cm, black packaging, pink packaging, round snake 60 blue purple light, round snake 50 blue purple light, round snake 45 blue purple light, wax rope 60 blue purple light, wax rope 50 blue purple light, wax rope 45 blue and purple light, love yellow snake chain 45cm, love yellow snake chain 50cm, love yellow snake chain 60cm, love yellow wax rope 45cm, love yellow wax rope 50cm, love yellow wax rope 60cm
Style: Unisex
Material: colored glaze
Modeling: Constellation
Style: Totem

Packing list:
Necklace X1PCS

Product Image:

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