The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) founded in 1949, is an international political and military alliance. With its 29 member states, the main tasks of NATO are crisis management, collective defence, collective security and conflict prevention. NATO enables its member states to consult and cooperate on issues relating to defence and security in order to build trust and prevent conflict. Even though the Alliance is committed to resolving the disputes in a peaceful way by the means of diplomacy, it does not refrain from taking military action to protect its principles and values if the diplomatic actions fail. The participants will simulate the North Atlantic Council (NAC) which brings together representatives from 29 member states as the principal political decision-making body and ultimate authority within the Alliance.

North Atlantic Council will be simulated as a crisis committee and participants will be expected to enhance NATO’s crises response mechanism while striving to tackle the issues of partnership and international dialogue with an inclusive focus on NATO – Russia relations.

This committee is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Agenda Item:

Open Agenda

Responsible Under Secretary General

Derin Eryılmaz –

Academic Assistant

Busenaz Tonguç

Committee Director

Sarper Kılıç –

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