The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, which is one of the six main committees of the General Assembly of the United Nations, deals with issues relating to a range of social, humanitarian affairs and human rights issues that affect people all over the world. The Committee also discusses questions relating to the advancement of women, the protection of children, indigenous issues, the treatment of refugees, the promotion of fundamental freedoms through the elimination of racism and racial discrimination, and the right to self- determination.  The Committee also addresses important social development questions such as issues related to youth, family, ageing, persons with disabilities, crime prevention, criminal justice, and international drug control.

Throughout the sessions, delegates will be dealing with the issue of human trafficking which is one of the major humanitarian issues of the 21st century and will be expected to find alternative solutions to eliminate the adverse consequences of human trafficking. The participants will also tackle the issue of “The Protection and Safety of Journalists in Conflict Zones” and examine various cases with an inclusive focus on diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue.

This committee is apt for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.

Agenda Items:

1- Empowering Developing and Underdeveloped Nations to Combat Human Trafficking

2- The Protection and Safety of Journalists in Conflict Zones

Responsible Under Secretary General

Beril Anıl –

Committee Director

Özlem Özkan

Committee Director

Ufuk Karaca

Social, Humanitarian And Cultural Committee Study Guide
Rules of Procedure